Whats’s currently in your playlist?

Right now, internationally I’m enjoying Toddla T’s latest record called ‘Foreign Light’. Man is doing really fun things crossbreeding rnb, grime and house (etc) with keeping things very easy on the ear. On a local level, I recently hosted beat maker D4LEEL on TheDankish, he absolutely blew me away. We recorded his live set and best believe that’s been on repeat.

Tell us about TheDankish show and when & where can we catch it?

TheDankish is a radio show broadcasting from Bush Radio on 89.5fm, every Saturday 6-8pm since 2011. I host and produce the show along with EEE and Mike Fullstop. We aim to promote as many artists as possible while staying true to our standard of talent and forward thinking ability.

Describe your musical style?

My style is heavily influenced by low frequencies, I like to keep things psychedelic and experimental but I also like to just turn-up at times.

Any news on things coming up.

Keep an eye on TheDankish social media pages, we are trying to secure some international acts as well as hosting some more events in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

I understand you’re a drummer in a Band & member in LIT. …. How do you manage being a DJ / Radio Host, Drummer & part of collective ?

With the current state of our music industry I feel that it’s essential to do as much as you can in order to maintain the lifestyle or career. Also, having a passion to be on stage and helping others to get there as well really helps.