06.03.17 by Aneeqah Samsodien


Chclt had the pleasure of meeting Sep & Simon’s Alrick September and Simon Orgill, the creators of the videos that have gone viral, and spoke about getting creative with no budget and using advertising expertise to strategically place their content perfectly between the lines yet still pushing boundaries.

It comes as a huge surprise to find out what their normal jobs are. Simon is the unexpected introvert; he comes across as the deep analytical thinker and it makes sense because he is a writer and in advertising. Alrick is in I.T and the go-getter, the guy with the ideas, the video editor and also, the sweet talker.

Who and what is Sep & Simon?

Sep & Simon makes up two guys that has a passion for scriptwriting, videography and comedy. They do humorous videos and memes based on their love for coloured and Cape Town culture as a whole.

The two met one night at a house party that Simon was hosting, started talking and have never looked back. Alrick mentions that Simon is the most hospitable person, throws the best house parties and is the reason he picked up weight.

“When you find something that gives you life and it’s not work-based and you wish that you could do this all the time, it’s like that. It’s like you feel stagnant in something else but you don’t feel inclined to do. This is more like your dream and that’s why we put in the hours; cos we believe in this” – Simon

It is established during our conversation that more time and thought processes goes into each post than is expected. Simon’s advertising knowledge plays an important role in keeping their posts between the lines and not crossing boundaries of racism and prejudice. He does all the script writing and they split their time between three evenings in the week to strategise, come up with new content and shoot. Alrick’s knowledge of technical equipment and editing skills, alongside his passion for video, means that the two complement each other perfectly to bring harmony to the videos.

“You can go to any place in Cape Town right now and shout ‘Dala what you must’ and any person from all demographics will understand what you’re saying. It’s a good time to be coloured”, says Simon

The two have become quite popular and their following has tripled over the past few months, growing past 10 000 in just over 8 months of being active.

I went to the School of Youtube – Sep

We sit and talk about their vision for Sep & Simon over a scrumptious full house steak gatsby from Mariam’s kitchen. It started as an idea and has grown so much in less than a year, that Simon and Alrick do not have the words to describe the overwhelming happiness they get from the response. Their content holds bigger values than what the eyes see, where locals can support local and help their neighbours grow.

We know that there is different spheres out there, but our sphere kinda never gets that shine – Sep

When asked what their creative process is like, it is simply as easy as opening the kitchen cupboard and looking at cardamon to instantly have an idea, or pacing the room and really strategising and spending hours creating content.

Alrick is the technical one, explaining the editing process and one can immediately pick up the excitement in him when he talks about recording equipment. His dream job entails working on and producing music videos and this is a goal that he is working toward.

Simon is the perfectionist and will not put out content until he is satisfied with the sound, visuals and content of each video. However, they are not fully satisfied at the same time because their content is not where they want it to be yet but are working toward it. Needless to say, they are pushing quality that is appreciated by many.

“Well, we gonna sit down here now, get into character, righto. Go; talk kak” Sep on dressing up as a female.

According to Alrick, his partner deserves a lot of praise for her consideration and contribution to Sep & Simon, spending late nights doing quality assessments for the videos and giving input.

There is no particular target market other than to delight and engage the viewers.

Sep & Simon give back to the community: They have been doing free social ads for businesses that don’t have the budget for the consulting through their knowledge and experience in advertising and videography.

They also target the upliftment of the disabled community. Simon suffered from an inflammatory disease called Uveitis a few years ago which left him blind in one eye. The affected eye has received some criticism that he was well prepared for. His response is that this is why he is doing this; to help people with disabilities realise that if he can do it, they can too. They don’t ever feel sorry for themselves and that’s the biggest thing. Alrick maintains that local businesses will thrive only if they get the support from their community that is duly deserved. He says that one of his goals is to be dressed fully in locally made clothing.

There is big dreams for Sep & Simon and we can see that this is only the beginning of a beautiful journey to success and we were here to witness it.
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