28.07.17 by Aneeqah Samsodien

Live music streaming is now a thing in South Africa thanks to Raymond Cure Sundays. People are invited to tune in and listen to the sweet sounds of local artists on a Sunday afternoon, gearing you up for the work week ahead.

Nick Gordon - Raymond Cure

Nick Gordon – Raymond Cure

What started out as a live stream show between Nick Gordon and Keke Mahlelebe at Nick’s apartment, has now turned into a bi-weekly live session that is used as a platform for discussions, interviews and music streaming. One of the people who tuned in for the show was Luke Cassar; he commented on the post and was invited to come over. The interest in the show and it providing a conversational platform for up and coming talents guided Luke and Nick into the creation of Raymond Cure, and soon after, welcoming Zia Haffejee to the team.

The three come from completely different backgrounds but are bound by their mutual love of music and complementing attributes. Nick is a photographer and videographer by day and provides all things tech related. Luke is the guy who knows just about everybody in Cape Town and is able to use this network to bring artists in to the show. Zia is doing his Masters in Private Law and Human Rights. He is also a teaching assistant at UCT and so naturally, does the research and interviews for the shows.

Luke Cassar - Raymond Cure

Luke Cassar – Raymond Cure

The concept behind Raymond Cure is that it runs as a live stream from Nick’s apartment every second Sunday. The team loved the fact that Raymond Cure, as a pseudonym, became a separate entity and used it as a way of hiding behind a friendly name to push other people’s work, instead of using it for fame. The name evolved through a random baby name generator, after the initial inspiration to create a hangover cure or a cure for your Sunday. The only public elements are the people listening or viewing online, not necessarily the attending the event. There are no restrictions to any music genres, even though they started out playing Techno and House music.

“The great thing about this is that there’s an inherent benefit and it’s in essence, in it’s developmental phase because it’s not like a publication. There’s a lot of inherent benefit to what we’re doing, even on a very small scale. The fact that we’re facilitating to some degree, a level of networking and we have cool people come hang out and we converse with them. It’s not like a slog for us. The growth is happening instrumentally. We’re here now. Things will come, we’re just working on the small things and there’s a lot of joy in it” – Zia

Zia Haffejee - Raymond Cure

Zia Haffejee – Raymond Cure

Future Plans

Due to current limitations such as technology and internet issues, streaming is restricted to Nick’s apartment. The future Raymond Cure is seen as a mobile travelling suite that partners up with events and bigger parties to back the event up and stream live on location.

“When I see Radiohead playing at Coachella, I wake up early to listen to the live stream. The drive to go and see something as it’s happening, isn’t here in South Africa at the moment. I think it’s only really gonna happen once people start pushing a live streaming agenda” – Nick

Our goals at this point are short term; in becoming streamlined, overcoming difficulties, expanding our horizons to provide a platform to a wider range of talent. And to leave the apartment.

Interview by Zia

Interview by Zia

Which artists would you love to host on the show?

DJ Lag, DJ Fosta, people outside the City Bowl, Amy Ayanda. There’s a legitimisation that comes with producing content about someone’s work, interviewing and interacting with them and hearing them talk about their work that’s detached from any form of commercialism.

The essence of the brand focuses on the culture in general and not directed solely to music. Music is the unifying factor although the people coming to the apartment aren’t necessarily DJ’s and musicians themselves. The connection lies in the relationship between that person and music and how it translates through their work.

All the guests that have featured on Raymond Cure have fortunately been friends and acquaintances; the brand hopes to reach a broader cultural sphere and reach out to artists in other cities. Sponsorships must be aligned with the brand’s core principles and is seen as an extension of the brand.

Raymond Cure live streaming

Raymond Cure live streaming

Do you compare yourself to NTS radio?

They’re a huge inspiration for us. We’re trying to be as streamlined as they are, with a 24-hour platform. NTS is very much rooted in the community and it’s what people want to put on the show, as opposed to what one group of people think is cool. They’re able to keep the whole radio station running all the time which is something we’re aiming for in the future.

The next live streaming session will happen this coming Sunday, July 30, between 12:00 and 14:00. Subscribe to their Youtube channel here.

Live Stream - 30 July 2017

Live Stream – 30 July 2017

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