03.03.17 by Aneeqah Samsodien


Chclt sat down with K-Dollahz and Marchay Linderoth at The Creamery to discuss love, music, relationship dynamics and being true to yourself and open about who you are.
We wanted to find out what the hype is about and why they’ve been all over social media lately and when we met, the reason is quite apparent: the love that emanates from these beautiful women is undeniable.
Kalo had just returned from Johannesburg, playing at the Kitcheners for the gig Blame it on the boogie. It’s been a busy year for her and we’re only in February; from featuring on Superbalist every other week to making her debut at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) this year, there is only big things to come.

K-Dollahz at CTEMF 2017

Marchay, or Marge as everyone knows her by, is a hair stylist, having recently resigned at her job in pursue of following her dreams of doing styling in the film and creative industries. Her move comes after feeling caged and restricted from being imaginative.
As cliche as it is, their story is one of love, sacrifice and openness that not many have encountered before. The two met at a party in 2012 in the line for the bathroom, both tipsy and left with a kiss. They had lots of mutual friends and were always bumping into each other and not realising their flirt game was strong.

“Marge always tells people that ‘Kalo is the most handsome girl I’ve ever met in my life”
They eventually started dating in 2015 after they hooked up at the last Cold Turkey in Cape Town, rotating shots throughout the day as they both shared a liking for the same drinks. Kalo and Marge were at the height of their lives after both “ending up in kak relationships”, so timing was ideal.

When asked who she is as a person, Kalo is completely open and honest about her sexuality. She came out when she was 19 and her family has been nothing but supportive and accepting of her.
“It happened when I went on holiday with my family to Thailand and Hong Kong. I was enjoying myself but I just felt like a piece of me was missing and it didn’t feel right. Like they know me, but they don’t know all of me and it won’t make a difference in the bigger picture but I just felt like they needed to know” says Kalo.

She describes her family as really close knit and they are welcoming to Marge, doing and celebrating everything they can together. Her relationship with Marge is that of a typical relationship; she is not shy to hold her hand in public, they do date nights and things are comfortable.
In between kisses on the forehead and long gazes at each other, it seems they forget that we are in session and all that matters is the other person.
“I could’ve been dating guys up until the day I die but the way I feel about her is completely different” says Marge.


What is the hype around the two of you?
“I guess it’s just because she’s (Marge) just such a lovely person and more sociable and always speaking to a lot of people. I’m more social media; more people look up to her and think she’s reg”
Marge says: I think people see us and our interactions together. When people spend time with us they see we’re genuine and we’re not two different people behind closed doors, and I guess that’s why people enjoy us.

Shot by Sarah Hugo-Hamman* Hair and Makeup by Marchay Linderoth

Kalo says she was always into fashion and design and it all started when she switched studies from Environmental Geographical Sciences to Marketing at Red&Yellow. She moved to Smith & Abrahams as a part time job while studying and started doing the marketing for the store with Luke that now is The Cornerstore.
I think I was doing stuff before the time with the way I dress and stuff and thought people aren’t going to judge me. Like you don’t need permission to flex. I think people maybe take style tips from me and try to emulate that. I think it’s more of a confidence thing and making people feel good and not be shy about who they are.- Kalo

Hair & Makeup by Marchay Linderoth* Styling & Photography by Sarah Hugo-Hamman

“Kalo brought out the confidence in me and made me wear whatever I want to and made me feel like I shouldn’t care about other peoples’ perceptions”
“I think when I was younger you put a lot of pressure on yourself to perform well and fit in and I felt weird about being different. I always wanted to dress a certain way and do certain things. I want to blur the boundaries between gender; paint my nails, do my hair and just wear mens clothes”.

Hair by Marchay Linderoth

The two of them wear the same size in clothes and shoes and love shopping together. Kalo says she loves going shopping for Marge and sneakers, Vans in particular, will always feature as part of the gift. She says that even though they share a lot of the same interests, their style is completely different.
Marge has a quirky, girly style and will be mixing oversized t-shirts with mini skirts, saying that some days she feels like looking like a Spice Girl.

Photography & Styling by Sarah Hugo-Hamman* Hair & Makeup by Marchay Linderoth

“I tell people that when she saw the picture of Posh Spice in that white bikini… that’s when Kalo knew she was gay”
Marge is currently freelancing where she will be able to focus on doing feature hair and movies while Kalo is a Dj and doing marketing for Black Major.

When talking about the future, Kalo quickly states that “I want to have a baby first so that I can trap her”.