15.02.17 by Aneeqah Samsodien


It’s amazing to look at photos and their incredible ability to portray and influence emotions like they do and it comes as no surprise that these images you see are created by an amazing couple called The Seppis.

Comprising of husband and wife, Taariq Sepstar and Seemaa Allie are creative partners that work primarily with photography as their medium. They also do production, styling and retouching. Both Taariq and Seemaa studied at Ruth Prowes School of Art and have been freelancing for the past year and half, working with brands like Elle Decor and Simon Deporres.

“We see ourselves less as photographers and more as creatives and business partners”

  • When did your lives cross paths and how did your relationship come about?

Seema: We met through mutual friend of mine while I was still at UCT doing a Bsoc Sci, I was living in observatory with 3 other girls at the time, we stayed friends for over a year before we decided to go on an actual date… and that was all about 11 years ago.

Taariq: What she said.

“What was lost”

  • How did you decide to work together? Was it just an idea at the time or were you both in the industry and decided to collaborate?

Seema: We both ended up studying Photography at Ruth Prowes School of Art, it was more out of necessity in helping one another complete projects that we started to work together, it all became second nature really and happened very organically. Eventually we decided to let go of the concept of ownership where our work was concerned and give in to the natural progression of our work becoming “our work”

Taariq: Like Seema said it started out as necessity and evolved into a natural creative process.


  • What are the dynamics between the two of you? What do you love about working together everyday?

Seema: I’m the planner, Seppi is the doer… we fill gaps for one another… I have said this before but Taariq makes my vision more whole, more full.

Taariq: Seema brought balance to my life and it showed in our work.

“Slippery when wet”

  • What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced with working together with your partner?

Seema: As a married couple the biggest issues we face as a couple but also as creative partners is communication. It’s vital for the lines of communication to be clear and open in order for us to be as effective and dynamic as possible. Issues arise on set all the time and it is really important to be able to very quickly find solutions and move forward, the only way this is possible is to talk through it and come to decisions quickly. There is a lot of trust that comes into play, we trust each implicitly.

Taariq: Having to deal with issues when they come up…it is very important for our process that we are able to quickly resolve things…there aint no time for bullshit.

“Things are not magical”

  • How do you go about your creative process? Do you leave work behind when you’re home or is that where everything happens?

Seema: We obviously do make time to chill out and hang with friends but ultimately the cogs are always turning. Things come up all the time, while taking a shower, while making dinner, as a creative anything can be inspiration and any moment is an opportunity to be inspired to come up with or to refine a concept.

Taariq: There is no leaving work behind, the creative process never stops.

Reimagine EP for Dope Saint Jude

“When work is your life, there is no real separation”

  • Which books are you currently reading or where do you draw your inspiration from?

Seema: I’m currently reading “The Number” by Johnny Steinberg but I find inspiration through the work of other artists, in food, music and movies. But like I said earlier anything and any moment can serve as inspiration really.

Taariq: Still trying to finish “The Bible, The Qur’an & Science” by Dr. Maurice Bucaille. Inspiration comes from everywhere.


  • What are the latest projects that you two are working on?

We are currently working on a series of portraits as well as starting to explore food photography more. We are always are working on our fashion portfolio as well.

“Finding Lenina”

Superbalist shoot


If this feature sparked your interest, you can find their work at theseppis.com/wp/ or give them a follow on Instagram.

*All images are property of The Seppis